How the Plan is Unique:

All horses in this plan receive all the daily care, feed and turnout associated with our regular board, which can be seen below, but here are the special perks just for them:

  • ​Grooming 
  • Baths
  • Hacking
  • Photos and videos from the MCE staff
  • Extra monitoring by MCE staff including tracking of supplies to allow time for owners to reorder as needed.

Each horse will receive individual attention at least 3 times a week in the form of grooming, bathing, or hacking.  MCE staff will work with the owner to develop a plan that best meets the needs of each individual horse.

Photos and/or videos are sent on at least a weekly basis so owners keep an eye on their horses from afar.

Grooming and bathing supplies are provided by MCE unless otherwise requested.

Special notes:

  • This plan is intended for horses whose owners are not able to visit and ride regularly.  Riders who are still coming to care for their horse will be on a regular Full Care boarding plan.
  • No tack closets are provided for these horses.  Supplies are stored in an MCE controlled closet.
  • Horses in this plan will be placed in a stall based on their size and needs, and stall availability.  They may or may not be in the Main Barn.

Full Care Board Includes:

  • Grain fed twice daily
  • Hay fed in stall and in turnout as needed
  • Daily group turnout (weather permitting)
  • Supplements fed daily (provided by owner in daily dose container)
  • Equine mineral block in stall
  • Quarterly rotational deworming based on fecal testing
  • Winter blanket changes
  • Fly mask/sheet taken on/off for turnout
  • ​Protective or therapeutic boots on/off for turnout or stabling
  • ​Access to all farm amenities
  • Stall and water buckets cleaned daily​

​​Active Retirement Plan

Created with the aging show horse in mind, we have put this boarding option together to meet the needs of horses who are past their showing years, but not quite ready to hang up their bridles for good.  Soundness issues, health issues, whatever the reason, these horses are looking for a quieter life while getting the care and attention they have become accustomed to.  This plan has been designed to fill the gap and provide a very high level of care with some exercise to keep the horses happy and satisfied.

Best of all, the photo and video updates make this plan a wonderful option for long-distance owners who want to rest easy knowing their treasured show horse is getting all the love and care they need.

This boarding option is $800 per month.