A La Carte Services - See Fee Schedule
  • Individual turnout
  • Supplement preparation from bulk containers
  • Hooves picked after turnout
  • Legs rinsed after turnout
  • Heated stall bucket in the winter
  • Handling for vet appointments*
  • Hand-walking for 20 minutes*
  • Routine grooming*
  • Show-prep grooming (includes bath and detail clipping, not body clipping)*
  • Bathing*
  • Wound care and administration of special medication

*Requests for these services must be made at least 48 hours in advance to allow for planning.  Late requests will be accommodated as time allows.

Full Care - $800 per month
  • One stall in a size and location that best suits the horse
  • Grain fed twice daily
  • Hay fed in stall and in turnout as needed
  • Daily group turnout (weather permitting)
  • Supplements fed daily (provided by owner in daily dose container)
  • Equine mineral block in stall
  • Quarterly rotational deworming based on fecal testing
  • Winter blanket changes
  • Fly mask/sheet taken on/off for turnout
  • ​Protective or therapeutic boots on/off for turnout or stabling
  • Private tack closet (per owner)
  • ​Access to all farm amenities
  • Stall and water buckets cleaned daily
  • Parking for one horse trailer (per owner)
Turnout Practices:

Horses are turned out for up to 12 hours per day in small groups of the same sex.  We group horses with similar activity levels to provide easy social interaction and limit the anxiety of jockeying for rank in a large, varied herd. Day or night turnout is available.  Horses are turned out in all weather, rain or shine, with very few exceptions (ice, sleet, unsafe heat or cold, etc.).  It is recommended that each horse have a waterproof turnout blanket during the winter months.

Feeding Practices:

Horses are fed what they need to maintain a body condition score of 6 unless the owner requests something different.  There are no charges for additional hay or grain for hard keepers or large horses.  

We feed Purina grains twice daily.  Since we have a wide variety of horses to care for, we stock several different products to have something on hand to suit each horse's needs.  Supplements will be fed daily but must be provided by the owner in a daily dose container (e.g. SmartPaks).

We stock both grass hay and alfalfa/grass hay.  When grass in the fields becomes sparse, horses are fed unlimited grass hay outside. Unless they have a weight issue, hay is kept available at all times to all horses while in their stalls as well.

​​Horse Boarding Details

Years of experience caring for and boarding a variety of horses has helped the MCE team develop a consistent and successful nutrition and lifestyle regimen that leads to happy, healthy horses. Our philosophies are tried and true and we always put the happiness of the horse first.  Every horse is an individual with specific lifestyle and dietary needs, and it is our passion to get to know each horse and establish the best possible care and feeding regimen for them.  MCE is a full care horse boarding facility only, we do not offer partial care.

Active Retirement Plan:

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