Showing your horse:
  • Grounds fee of $30/horse if no stabling is required.   
  • Braiding is available on-site through MCE, $30 for mares, yearlings and two-year olds; $20 for foals.  Please contact MCE prior to the event if you require braiding services.
  • Handler: Laura Young
  • Photographer: Kristen Multhup
    • ​​Mare's Original Registration Papers
    • A copy of the Mare's Original Registration Papers
    • Copy of Mare's 5-Generation Pedigree (if not shown on Registration Papers)
    • ​Breeding Certificate (signed by vet with last date of breeding and birth date)
    • ​Letter of Parentage Verification (if registering foal/yearling not at dam's side)
Registration & BreakfastBegin at 9:00a
Inspection of Mares without Foals at Side

Begin ~ 10:00a

Inspection of Mares and Foals at Side Begin ~                                                                               


Inspection of Foals (mare already approved)Begin ~ 
Ring of Premium Candidates - Colts
Ring of Premium Candidates - Fillies

Inspection of Yearlings & 2 year oldsBegin ~  
Branding & Microchipping

Begin ~

LunchBegin ~

Westfalen Verband North America Inspection

Other event details:
  • Breakfast/lunch provided to all attendees at no additional charge.   
  • Parking available for trailers/campers overnight.  No power hook-ups.
  • Hotels and restaurants accessible from I-675 Exit 17 (North Fairfield Rd, Fairborn/Beavercreek, OH) are the best in the area and just 15 minutes from the farm.
  • GPS ISSUES - GPS frequently tries to have drivers access the farm from Snider Rd, please note that the farm driveway is on LOWER VALLEY PIKE.  There is no access from Snider Rd, though you will be able to see the back side of the farm.

MCE is very excited to play host for this year's Ohio inspection!  Plans are coming together and we are looking forward to a fun and positive event.  Please see below for details on the event as they become available.  Prior registration through the Westfalen web site is required to present horses for inspection.  If you have not yet entered your horse, please complete the form and contact the Westfalen Verband office as soon as possible.

We will host the mare and foal inspection in our indoor arena, with dust-free masonry sand footing.  Some spectator seating provided, plenty of room for more chairs for all who wish to attend!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Bringing your horse:
  • Stalls available for $60/night.  We use fine wood shavings for bedding. Bedding and cleaning at the end of the event is included. 
  • If you wish to bring your own bedding of a different variety, there is an additional $25 charge as we will need to strip the stall when you leave.
  • All event stalls are permanent, wood stalls, 12' x 12' or larger, with a fan and 2 water buckets.
  • Please contact MCE to arrange for stabling prior to arrival.
  • All horses 6 months or older must show proof of a current negative Coggins prior to unloading.
  • Wash rack and grooming stations available for show preparation.
  • Round pen and square paddock available if turnout is required for traveling horses.